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21 BELOW is exploding onto the festival circuit and we couldn’t be more proud.  After 5 long years, we are fortunate enough to have the opportunities to bring this amazing and deeply personal story to a world wide audience.   However, we can’t do it alone! It has and continues to be a team effort of epic proportions.   None of this would have been possible without the generous donations from those of you who have believed in us and the film. In the true spirit of independent filmmaking, we invite you to click on the Donate Button now and become a part of the 21 BELOW family.  The journey has been and continues to be truly extraordinary.

With utmost gratitude and respect,
Jenny, Sam and Sophia

“In the realm of filmmaking, ’21 Below’ stands nothing less than a revelation in both form and substance, the lens an open doorway through which we enter, meeting then accompanying a remarkable family courageously sharing their lives, loves, triumphs and tragedies each as occurring, each as deeply felt, each as willingly assimilated, for good or ill, into the journey ongoing. The unconditional generosity with which this family has gifted us with their experience is the measure of my motivation to support this breakthrough project personally.”

Jack Sharkey
ABC Television
Patron/Supporter of 21 BELOW

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